Comfort and recovery have never been
so close together!

Recover from your surgery while you enjoy the best healthcare programs and treatments in a fully equipped hotel.

We are a recovery hotel with accredited facilities and a specialized staff in post-operative recovery which offers our patients safety, comfort and tranquility in an environment created to satisfy all their needs.
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Habitación Suite
Suite Electrical medical bed with special control for patients -Refrigerator – coffee machine – safety deposit box -Microwave – Wireless telephone – Seating Area – TV set, Direct TV – Air conditioning
Habitación Sencilla
Single Room Electrical medical bed with special control for patients -Refrigerator – coffee machine – safety deposit box – Wireless telephone – TV set, Direct TV – Air conditioning.
Habitación Sencilla
Double Room
Habitación Sencilla
Habitación Sencilla
Hot tub / Jacuzzi

Our Location Colombia

We are located in Cali, Colombia. Our city is known as “The Branch Office of Heaven”(La Sucursal del Cielo, in Spanish) and The Capital of Beauty, which makes it a prime destination to get your cosmetic surgery done in Colombia. We have the top accredited plastic surgeons in the country, with great expertise in the field.

  • Cali is the third largest economic center in Colombia. It has a young population and it is well known by the beauty of its women.
  • Seven rivers pass through the metropolitan area of Cali; the hills known as Natural Park Los Farallones, located in the Western Mountain Range, mark the border between the Pacific Basin and the Cauca River. It is the largest protected area in Valle del Cauca district, where more than 540 species of birds are found. It is also the source of more than 30 rivers that supply the southwest of Colombia.
  • Other tourist landmarks in the city are Cristo Rey Hill, Las Tres Cruces Hill, and San Antonio District. San Antonio District is a traditional neighborhood that has been declared as the cultural and architectural heritage of the city and is located a few blocks away from Cali’s historic downtown.
  • Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport is located 15 minutes away from downtown Cali.
  • Cali features a tropical savanna climate with temperatures between 18ºC and 34°C. Its famous breezes that come from the Pacific cool down the beautiful sunsets of our city.
  • Its natural wealth and water resources have turned it into an excellent agricultural region. It is also an industrial city and a model of economic growth. Furthermore, Cali was endorsed by Aces Europe as “The Sports Capital of the Americas” due to its exemplary sporting policies, sport facilities, and sporting events dedicated to its inhabitants.

Santiado de Cali, Colombia
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